22 Jan 12 at 1 am

Oh my freaking gosh you guys Foxy Shazam was freaking great.  They did this thing where if you bought the CD, you got to meet the band after the show.  Which is the greatest thing ever because it doesn’t even come out until Tuesday sdjfklasdf;a but you guys I met them and they’re so freaking sweet and wonderful.

During the show, somehow I made my way front center and during the encore, Eric Nally jumped into the crowd basically on top of me but he weighs like 2 pounds so it was ok lol  and I lost my shoe but I got it back.  Oh oh and these 2 kids next to me were so freaking cute omg and one of em kept talking to me because this drunk guy behind us was talking about how he has a job interview next week and how he’s drunk enough to be whatever he wants to be or something. I don’t even know omg but you guys should all go buy “The Church of Rock And Roll” when it comes out Tuesday.

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